Friday, May 15, 2009

lil' monkey

loving on daddy
excuse the crusty face but he had been playing really hard outside
okay so this is a typical look for my lil monkey - he is obsessed with boots and no they don't have to match nor do the have to be on the right foot to a make this baby boy happy!!!! gotta love it!
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hanging out on the patio so brother could play outside - she didn't seem to mind one bit

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1st bottle

we started at 4 weeks introducing at least one bottle a day so mommy can have a little help in the feeding department and she did great
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snug as a bug...

snug as a bug - this baby girl loves to be swaddled - the tighter the better - Letson hated it so this is quite a change but I do contribute it to her being such a good sleeper at night and have I told you how much we love the swaddle blanket - so much easier and she loves it - its like she knows its time for bed when we put it on her and she goes right to sleep:) - however she had broken her arm out in this pic because it was almost time to eat and she was trying to wake up - check those sweet little lips out
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loving the track.....

We recently took Letson to have a little fun at the Track and he loved it - however it would probably be pretty hard to decide who had more fun daddy or him - Brad had been wanting to take him to ride the go-carts(sp?) for awhile now and I wasn't sure he was ready or if he would like it and of course he loved it and ask to go back all the time so it looks like we might be spending some time there this summer
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5 weeks old....

the middle pic was when she was trying to tell me she was done with the picture taking
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